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  • Mairesse, Francois; Chung, Yun Shun Susie; Leshchenko, Anna; Soares, Bruno Brulon; Fennessy, James; Denning, Robert; Disston, Debbie; Sadongei, Alyce; Hall, Lara; Kageyama, Mariko; Hartley, Jillian; Henry, Jeffrey Max; Giannikopoulos, Alexandros; Sweet, Natalie; Vega, Sara Torres; Marsh, Diana E.; Guglielmo, Antoniette; Ziska, Deborah; de la Torre, David J. (ICOM/ ICOFOM, 2018-09-14)
  • Gray, James Robert Sr. (Southern New Hampshire University, 2018-07)
    Dan Sickles has been regarded by many historians as a political general who was a buffoon and led his troops into harm’s way at Gettysburg for personal glory. This paper examines Sickles’ early personal history, why that ...
  • Boyd, Edward L. (Southern New Hampshire University, 2018-07)
    Following the Revolutionary War, the British ceded the Northwest Territory to the United States. This territory was the land north and west of the Ohio River to the Mississippi. The territory corresponds to the states ...
  • Young, Jan M. Jr. (Southern New Hampshire University, 2018-07)
    In recent months, Russia has been the focus of many investigation and has been the topic of choice of the United States and its media. It is believed that a reinvigorated and bolstered Russia is now making itself known ...
  • Reif, Andreas Wolfgang (Southern New Hampshire University, 2018-07)
    In recent years, several racial instances have occurred in the United States that have reinvigorated and demanded action concerning Confederate flags, statues and symbology. The Charleston massacre in 2015 prompted South ...

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