Global Citizens Circle

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Global Citizens Circle was founded as New England Circle in 1974 in the aftermath of a turbulent decade of assassinations, wars, racial tension, and government upheaval as a way of gathering concerned people of diverse backgrounds and opinions to address the critical issues of our time. Its original mission remains unchanged: "to foster diversity, discussion, and constructive change in ourselves, our nation and our world."

Through the years and across tables and continents, the Circle has encouraged and inspired highly participatory, spirited conversations on race relations in the US, Northern Ireland's troubles, South Africa's struggles, children, families and community, homelessness, nuclear proliferation, the AIDS pandemic, China's labor camps, Haiti and Cuba, and women's rights - to name but a few. Everyone at a Circle discussion has an equal voice so that world leaders and community leaders talk together about not only the challenges, but also the solutions to our world's most pressing concerns.