Circle 039: Barney Frank, John Sununu, and Liz Walker, Liberal vs. Conservative, January 8, 1986

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This evening's discussion leaders, Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank and New Hampshire Governor John H. Sununu, are two men of energy and achievement who can be counted on to produce a lively exchange on their own. Nevertheless, when they pause to catch their breath, your participation will be welcomed and encouraged.

There may be a few New Englanders who aren't quite sure of Barney Frank's current Congressional committee assignments, but there are very few indeed who don't know he's in Congress. Barney Frank is one of those individuals whose energy, wit, and commitment to his own high standards have made him very much his own man, as his fellow House members have been quick to recognize and respect. His fellow Democrats have named him the new President for Americans for Democratic Action.

As New Hampshire's hard-working governor, John Sununu has earned the same sort of respectful recognition. More than two-thirds of the State's voters returned him to office two years after he was first elected in 1982. He has made the system work well enough to not only win the allegiance of his fellow citizens, but also the compliments of his fellow Republican governors who have made him the chairman of their most prestigious organizations.