Circle 003: Kenneth Curtis, U.S./Canadian Relations, November 24, 1974

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Maine's retiring Governor Kenneth M. Curtis was the discussion leader at the third New England Circle on November 24, 1974. Curtis, the subject of a just-published biography, reviewed his eight years as Maine's Chief Executive, warning of future hardship in New England from the energy crisis and urging broad participation by Democratic and Republican Party leadership. Curtis also reviewed the apparent erosion of the American two-party system, and called for greater Party responsiveness to the immediate and long-term needs of the country.

Participants were treated to a spontaneous exchange between Curtis, Governors Noel of Rhode Island and Salmon of Vermont, then-Governor Francis Sargent of Massachusetts, and former New Hampshire Governor, Walter Peterson of New Hampshire. Men with serious responsibilities, serving collectively tens of millions of citizens, governors gather most often on official occasions; as Circle gusts they discovered a new and freer forum.

-Steve Wermiel (Boston Globe)