Circle 031: James Rouse, Neighborhood Revitalization, January 31, 1984

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Civilized is the word his friends and associates would choose if they were asked to select a single adjective that best describes Jim Rouse. Civilized in the classic sense: possessing a broad reach of skills, talents, interests and achievements, each a reflection of his humanity and concern for his fellow man.

Most of us know him for what he has created. Here in Boston we have Quincy Market to remind us how well this architect of liveable commerce does his work and respects tradition and the human scale.

Yes, he and his Rouse Company have left their mark on American design, American housing, and many of America's most liveable cities.

But, Jim Rouse is more than a creator of delightful space. He is an internationalist, environmentalist, educator, and practical humanitarian.

In 1982, three years after he "retired," he launched The Enterprise Foundation, and has raised millions to support its job of providing the wherewithal for neighborhood revitalization that converts to quality low-cost housing projects which, in turn, energize the foundation with their profits.

It's a typically compassionate and effective way of helping to meet the most pivotal part of the nation's housing needs. Which is yet another reason why this man from Maryland has the proud international reputation he so assuredly has earned.

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