Circle 008: Andrew Young, Young Ideas, December 13, 1976

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"The first time Jimmy Carter talked about having a foreign policy as good and as moral as the American people, I scratched my head and wondered what the hell he was talking about." Georgia Congressman Andrew Young told the New England Circle a few days before he was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations. But clearly since those head-scratching days, Young has done some serious thinking about morality and foreign policy, and in his informal and low-key manner, delivered a wideranging briefing on what the nation, and the world, can expect of his tenure at Turtle Bay.

Young argued well for his basic point: that foreign policy must be approached from a business and business-like point of view. The U.S. must stand, he said, for the hungry to be fed and for freedom to be preserved. But these goals demand economic stability... "an atmosphere where business can thrive. Business and our own ideology go very much together here," Young said. The nation might consider a Marshall plan for the Third World, more in the spirit of a business proposition than a giveaway program. And the role of the multinational corporations? "I'll have to think about that," Young grinned.

by David Wood (New England Bureau Chief, Time Magazine)


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