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    Cryptozoology Meets Ecology: A Look into the Megalodon
    (Southern New Hampshire University, 2023-04-11) Chloros, Vinny; Marcille, Selina
    The megalodon was the largest shark that ever lived with the oldest fossil specimens being around 20 million years old. The creature is estimated to have gone extinct around 3.6 million years ago, but some skeptics maintain that the creature still exists deep in modern oceans. By examining false information surrounding the megalodon and developing an understanding of the paleontological and ecological mechanisms that scientists use to study it, we can paint a picture of the megalodon and determine how it survived in its ancient habitat and if it could thrive in oceans as we know them today.
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    The Effect of Social Media on Self Esteem
    (Southern New Hampshire University, 2023-04-07) Barcome, Cassidy; Corbo, Vincent
    One of the most relevant and present topics is social media because of its popularity and constant growth. Research shows social media impacts self-esteem. Additionally, there is a significant difference regarding gender, and how social media influences men and women differently. The purpose of this study is to analyze how beautiful models affect self esteem. Participants did the first three questionnaires before and after the task with the last study listed only before the task: the Rosenberg 10 Item Self Esteem Scale, Social Media Appearance Scale, Body, Weight, Image, Self Esteem Scale, Social Media Addiction Scale. Participants viewed photos of men and women, white individuals and individuals of color, between average attractiveness and extremely attractive. The experimental group rated each photo of a scale of 1-10, 1 being least and 10 being most, in comparison to themselves. The control group just rated stimuli on a scale of 1-10. Participants were chosen at random for the groups. The hypothesis was that the experimental group would rate themselves much lower than the models and have lower self esteem rates after the task on the questionnaires. Experimental group V3-1 showed the male block first, Experimental Group V3-2 saw female block second, Control group V3-3 saw the male block first, Control group V3-4 saw the female block second. The experimental group ended up rating attractive stimuli of individuals of color quicker overall, whereas the control group had a slower reaction time to rate attractive individuals of color. Both groups rated the average stimuli of individuals of color around the same reaction time. There was a three way intersection between group, ethnicity, and attractiveness: F(1,24) = 4.15, p. <.05. The control group had no difference when rating attractive or average white stimuli. The experimental group had a quicker reaction time to rate white stimuli independent of whether it was average or attractive. Overall, the task had no impact on the scores of the questionnaire, and it also had no impact on self esteem. Females showed a longer reaction time compared to males F(1, 24) = 8.88, p. < .007.
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    The Influence of Soil Moisture on the Color Morph of the Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus)
    (Southern New Hampshire University, 2023-04-07) Harris, Rachael; Duryea, Katie
    This project aims to determine whether or not soil moisture influences the presence of different color morphs of the Eastern Red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus). Soil temperature and moisture are two variables that comprise a thermal niche. Prior research suggests that different color morphs of this salamander have been known to be found at different substrate temperatures, however, this finding may be dependent on the location and season of sampling. Measuring the soil moisture and conducting a count survey on these salamanders will gather additional data that can be examined to find out if there is a correlation between the different color morphs and different soil moisture levels or thermal niches. In the SNHU Arboretum four plots were established, each consisting of 12 coverboards to allow for count surveying to take place. Count surveying and soil sampling were conducted each week for 9 weeks. This study will provide data to support the idea that certain color morphs of this salamander have become more dominant in certain thermal niches.
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    The Need for Endometriosis Awareness: A Case Study of College Students and Medical Professionals
    (Southern New Hampshire University, 2023-04-07) Harris, Rachael; Duryea, Katie
    10-15% of individuals with a uterus at reproductive age have endometriosis, an estrogen-dependent chronic illness in which tissue similar to endometrial tissue develops outside of the uterine cavity. On average, it takes 6.7 years after the onset of symptoms for individuals with endometriosis to receive an accurate diagnosis. This delay in diagnosis, along with recent studies on endometriosis, suggest a severe lack of education on endometriosis within both the medical community and the general public. There is literature that suggests there is a strong need for more education and awareness of endometriosis in the global medical community. However, there is a lack of literature that addresses the knowledge of college-age individuals in the United States on endometriosis. This project will consist of a focus group at Southern New Hampshire University that will determine the knowledge of college-age individuals on endometriosis. This project seeks to close that knowledge gap and determine the level of knowledge college-age individuals in the United States possess in regard to endometriosis.
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    NAO Robot Explains the Menu at Bowls of Steel
    (Southern New Hampshire University, 2023-04-06) Philip, Kayleigh An; Lewis, Lundy
    I worked in Bowls of Steel for two years, where my favorite part of my job was getting to interact with the customers by explaining the menu. However, it was very hard to hire more staff, and when I left Malaysia the restaurant had to shut down. Hopefully, the novelty of having robot staff as well as having them explain the menu might allow the restaurant to stay open. NAO has been programed to walk customers through the menu, as it can listen for key words that will be provided to the customers, and then reply.