Circle 015: Thomas J. McIntyre, New Right Effects on American Politics, May 10, 1979

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In a poignant political irony, former United States Senator Thomas J. McIntyre was narrowly defeated for re-election by a candidate from the so-called New Right just months before the publication of his book, "The Fear Brokers" (Pilgrim Press, Philadelphia, May 1979.)

In his book, Senator McIntyre warns of the encroachment of the very same lavishly-funded and increasingly potent New Right on American politics that deprived him of a fourth term in the United States Senate by engineering the election of an unknown airlines pilot, Republican Gordon Humphrey.

At a recent reception hosted by the New England Circle at the Parker House, Senator McIntyre said: "I've felt the sting of the left, but the New Right is something different in politics" - something, McIntyre writes in his book, that "must not be allowed to intimidate responsible citizens. They must not be allowed to use their brand of Americanism to frighten other Americans into silence...They must be made accountable."

by Judy Jarvis (Host/Producer, WLVI TV 56, "Point of View," Boston, MA)


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