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    The embedded textbook: Collaborating with faculty to employ library subscription e-books as core course text
    (Taylor & Francis Group, 2012-01) Ratto, Brooke; Lynch, Andy
    Student and faculty frustrations with traditional higher education textbook models continue to escalate. These frustrations present an opportunity for academic libraries to forge partnerships with teaching faculty and vendors to repurpose existing library resources. Library and teaching faculty at Southern New Hampshire University collaborated to develop a textbook alternative option from subscription e-book content contained in the Books 24x7 database. This alternative consisted of a series of links embedded into the Blackboard learning management system. This partnership provided students with significant financial relief, allowed students to experiment with using e-book content, and increased library resource awareness and use.
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    Collaboration unleashes e-book database potential for replacing traditional textbook options
    (Southern New Hampshire University, 2011-04-01) Ratto, Brooke; Lynch, Andy
    Learn how marketing and library faculty collaborated with an e-book database vendor to leverage content to serve as foundational "text" for an introduction to marketing course. Student attitudes toward content quality, convenience, and navigation were measured throughout the course. Reading behavior, grades and other demographic variables were also captured to test a variety of relationships between student attitudes, reading behavior and preference for mode of content. Survey results and potential for future applications are discussed.
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    Developing an institutional repository at Southern New Hampshire University : year one
    (Metropolitan New York Library Council, 2010-07-30) Platt, Alice; Ng, Kwong Bor; Kucsma, Jason
    In 2008, Southern New Hampshire University was awarded a three-year, $500,000 national leadership grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to create a digital repository using DSpace open source software. Events from the first year of the repository’s development are presented and discussed. Key elements addressed include the challenges involved with customizing the DSpace infrastructure, creating standards for access and master files, implementing metadata standards, and developing digital preservation policies. The value of cross-departmental participation is shown, and the importance of planning for digital preservation is presented.
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    Developing a repository at Southern New Hampshire University : a case study
    (Microform & Imaging Review, 2009-12-04) Platt, Alice
    A case study of the early development of the SNHU Academic Archive, focusing primarily on developing policies for scanning procedures and metadata creation
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