Foundation building : the community economic development experience in duplex city and the northwest neighborhood of the city of Homestead

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Southern New Hampshire University
The project titled, Foundation Building: The Community Economic Development Experience in Duplex City and the Northwest Neighborhood of the City of Homestead, was implemented in 2009-2010. The City of Homestead's Duplex City and Northwest Neighborhood is in the western half of the City, North of Mowry Drive, South of NW 15th Street, East of Redland Road, and West of Krome Avenue. This community is also known as the Weed and Seed target area. Weed and Seed is a community-based, multi-agency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention and neighborhood restoration. This residents within this targeted area are of low-socioeconomic status. The Foundation Building Project was implemented to improve the residents' knowledge of housing-related issues and improve their quality of life by emphasizing and enhancing community economic development efforts. Homestead Weed and Seed's mission is to revitalize the community both economically and socially. The Foundation Project implementation period took one year to complete. Beyond this project period, the pilot project will continue to be a resource provided to residents of the City of Homestead's Duplex City and the Northwest Neighborhood. (Author abstract)