Nature and scope of the problem of substance abuse among youths in Zanzibar

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Southern New Hampshire University
The problem of substance abuse is becoming a world issue as almost all the countries are infected or affected in one way or the other by either engaging in producing or being a good market for the illicit products leading to negative repercussions. The study conducted on nature and the magnitude of drug abuse in Zanzibar which involved different stake holders reveals that the most effected portion of the population are youths aged between 13-35 years mainly due to their inability to resist peer pressure as justified by low level of knowledge. Further, the study reveals that unless staunch measures are taken to address this, our nations will end up with a big number of youths who are dependent forever, something that is a responsibility of all the people in the society. Zanzibar Children Fund is determined to approach the problem through the existing information infrastructures such as madrasas, mosques and schools as agents of change in their communities. In deed, parents, well-wishers, communities and donors have a great contribution in addressing those addicted youths by ensuring substantial support to rehabilitate them. Bright Future for youths is a project designed where by youths will be incapacitated to prevent themselves from indulging in drug abuse using school and madrasa teachers as important agents of change in the community, as well as getting those addicted back from soberness through comprehensive rehabilitation services. Eventually, this will lead to decrease in number of number of youths joining the drug army. (Author abstract)