Stop and frisk: unconstitutional practices by the NYPD

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Southern New Hampshire University
Recently, a federal judge decided that the stop-and-frisk practices carried out by the New York Police Department were unconstitutional and violated not only the fourth amendment, but also the fourteenth. Since the decision made last August, there has been debates about if the judge was correct or not. In this paper, I will be researching through the practices made by the police and the statistics of their stop-and-frisks to see if there is some racial discrimination that would cause the practices to be unconstitutional. I will research statements made by both sides of the story, the police and the citizens, to understand their feelings on this issue. I will also be looking at essays and articles written by scholars on the topic of racial discrimination to get their side of the story. If there is racial discrimination in these practices, then there are social repercussions to follow, such as a distrust of the police and more arrests of innocent people. The stop-and-frisk is a catalyst for division among races, among protector and the protected, by creating discrimination when proceeded in an unlawful manner. (Author abstract)