Fallen #484

dc.accrualMethodPurchase supported by friends of the McIninch Art Gallery, Southern New Hampshire University.
dc.contributor.authorMarcuse, Tanya
dc.descriptionTanya began making photographs as an early college student at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. She went on to study Art History and Studio Art at Oberlin and earned her MFA from Yale. After Oberlin, she lived in the rainforest with a small group of Indians on a year-long Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, photographing and writing. Her photographs are in many collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the George Eastman Museum. In 2002, she received a Guggenheim fellowship to pursue her project Undergarments and Armor. In 2005, she embarked on a three part, fourteen year project, Fruitless | Fallen | Woven, moving from iconic, serial photographs of trees in Fruitless to lush, immersive, allegorical works in Fallen and Woven. The photographs in Woven are as large as 5 x 13 feet. Fueled by the Biblical narrative of the fall from Eden, these related projects use increasingly fantastical imagery and more elaborate methods of construction to explore cycles of growth and decay and the dynamic tension between the passage of time and the photographic medium. Tanya is a student of martial arts and boxing as a method of cultivating mental and physical concentration and discipline. Further information is available on the artist website.
dc.description.abstractMarcuse’s large-scale landscape/ground images are studies of abundance and decay, fecundity and entropy. Rendered in rich color, her tapestry-like images capture seemingly found views of the forest floor that she constructs over days and weeks using rotting fruits and leaves, along with various blossoms and insects, weaving still lives in a natural environment. For further reading on the Fallen Series, information is available on the artist website.
dc.digSpecs24" x 29"en_US
dc.rightsImage (if available) reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.en_US
dc.sourceImage ( If available) derived from original artwork owned by the McIninch Art Gallery, Southern New Hampshire University.en_US
dc.subject.otherNature, Life, Death, Color Print, Photography, Rottenen_US
dc.titleFallen #484en_US
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Fallen 484