Strategic plan of Nuru Orphans Centre

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Southern New Hampshire University
Strategic plan for a growing NGO is a challenge that involves forecasting for at least ten years or more, seeing the potentials, the threats, the opportunities. But more importantly, as in the case of 'sinking fund' method, one has to see to it that, if I wanted to see this NGO look different in twenty years to come, the best practice is to take various steps now. Nuru Orphans centre (in owner's house) has been in existence since 2002. Strategically, and gradually, there was a need for separation of the two; domestic and NGO ' s affairs. Not limited to this, but to see to it that after a successful separation, the co-existence and sustainability of the two has to be given great priority. 'The corner stones' necessary for the move included to; 1. Secure two acres of land under the NGO's name 2. improve management structure 3. develop and use simple accounting system 4. initiate small, sustainable projects One important tool in the success is extra commitment and having to involve all partners at all stages, from the community surrounding the proposed centre location and top government officials in the district. At times failures almost loomed high threatening the good foundation, but collaborative work provided encouragement. A major part of this project research was about, but not limited to finding out financial practices by NGOs in Mbeya, which led to developing a simple accounting tool to be used not only by the centre, but also immediately by two more NGOs, not necessarily orphans centre. (Author abstract)