Support and care initiatives of Wamlu for orphans and vulnerable children at Upendo Primary School, Mbezi Luis, Kinondoni Municipality, Dar es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project report presents a summary of the socio economic and psychosocial support project of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) of Upendo Primary school in Mbezi Luis, Mbezi ward in Kinonondoni Municipality in Dar es Salaam City. The project report firstly defines what is meant by OVC and points out the problem faced by the low income community members who are taking care of OVC. The study focused on Upendo Primary School students who were from standard one to seven in the year 2006. Children are the future generation. There is need therefore of having strategies which will help them in their future life hence increasing chances of reducing poverty in the future. The project report is therefore focusing on supporting OVC student as one of the means in addressing poverty reduction. The support could be channeled through the parents/guardians/caregivers, relatives of OVC and WAMLU by supporting OVC in education for instance providing exercise books, pencils, pen and uniforms whenever possible. WAMLU is also planning to provide meals such as breakfast. The project report also outlines existing situation of OVC in the study area and identifies gaps in community responses to the OVC issues and proposes strategies to help OVC and supporting those who are taking care of OVC. Some of the study recommendations were used for the implementation of a care and support project. The study also revisited some of the literatures to assess different issues of OVC in broad perspectives in relation to education and different community support which lead to positive economic contribution by OVC in the future generations. The study also addresses different aspects of project implementation and participation which leads to the sustainability of the project as it was noted that the OVC are now rampant. Finally the study identifies proper monitoring and evaluation system for the project. (Author abstract)