Effects of HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination on the social economic status of people living with HIV/AIDS

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Southern New Hampshire University
This paper presents a summary of social, economic and psychological problems that people living with HIV/AIDS face from community members as a result of stigma and discrimination related to HIV/AIDS. The project area is Yombo Machimbo in Yombo Ward, Temeke Municipality in Dar es Salaam City. The Project paper firstly defines stigma and discrimination and identifies problems faced by People Living with AIDS (PLWHA). The study focused on WAYAWAVI who are window/widowers and orphans living with HIV/AIDS in Yombo Machimbo, Temeke Municipality. Some of the study recommendations were used for implementation of activities which would minimize stigmatization among community members. The study also addressed different aspects of implementation and participation which leads to sustainability of the project as the stigmatization related to HIV/AIDS is rampant. Finally the study identified some monitoring and evaluation mechanisms of the project.Stigma and discrimination related to HIV/AIDS are permanent problems in many communities with high prevalence rate including Tanzania. This tends to affect the quality of care and services provided to people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. This entails a huge problem in up take of HIV services such as voluntary counseling and testing, as well as prevention of mother-to-child transmission. Stigma and discrimination is caused by a number of things, including lack of knowledge among community members about transmission, risk and copying strategies. (Author abstract)