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Gerry Williams was born in 1926 in India, where his parents were American missionaries. He spent his early years there, coming to America as a young man to attend Cornell College in Iowa. His early years in India were a deciding factor in his becoming a potter. In 1950 he came to New Hampshire to study a program offered by the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. He became an independent craftsman in 1952 and has since worked in Dunbarton where he and his family built a home and studio. He produces wheel-thrown and slab-built pottery fired in a high-temperature glass kiln. He works both in porcelain and stoneware. His work includes architectural forms ranging from large coil built pieces to commissioned wall plaques. He has done original research resulting in techniques called "wet -fire" and "photo-resist", and has published articles on this research in Craft Horizons and Studio Potter. He is a founder and is not the editor or Studio Potte, a magazine for professional craftsmen published by the Daniel Clark Foundation.