A proposed intervention project for Zambian street girls

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Southern New Hampshire University
The purpose of this project is to change the undesirable condition of girls working on the streets and cannot obtain formal education, to a desirable condition where street girls have a safe place to develop, gain formal education and training, and are less vulnerable to sexual abuse, beatings, addiction and other social threats. A safe place will be provided for street girls to attend educational and vocational skills. This will equip them to lead a better, stable, and secure life and enable them to be productive citizens. This project will also provide income generating alternatives to the mothers (who are widows) of the girls. The community of the project will consist of the girl's mothers, local artisans, the international business community, and local NGOs. The project was initially conceptualized as collaboration between the University of Lusaka and the above mentioned community. However, because of lack of funding, slow responsiveness from the University and monitoring, the project could not be started, the milestones shifted and implementation put on hold. The results therefore have not materialized as planned and the underlying assumptions have not been verified. The Proposed Intervention project however, for Zambian street girls presented in this thesis has a greater chance to be implemented, evaluated, and measured than the initial conceptualized idea. Moreover, the viable progression and continuum as examples for this project's future states formally the focused criteria for implementation. (Author abstract)