Strategic job placement solutions for veterans using data

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Southern New Hampshire University
The United States has a large population of military veterans and spouses who are experiencing difficulty transitioning from military life to civilian life. This particular population faces difficulties in finding jobs that are fitting to their work experience and personal needs. Headquartered in Georgia and North Carolina, Hire Heroes USA is a free, non-profit service that empowers United States military members, veterans and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. Each Hire Heroes USA client works will a counselor discussing their individual needs such as location preferences, occupation, disabilities, and desired salary. The data sets provided by Hire Heroes USA provides insight into how the organization currently drives results. The data reveals key objectives which highlight diversity gaps, both racial and gender, how starting salaries correlate with ending military pay grade, and which geographic areas to focus on which have larger military populations. The analysis of the data results in recommendations for Hire Heroes USA to reach more clients and understand why certain individuals are not being placed into their desired industry. In addition to the Hire Heroes USA data, the analysis incorporates employment and industry statistics from a federal level. This provides more insight into why veterans and military spouses face more challenges regarding job placement than the rest of the population. With the insight provided from the Hire Heroes USA datasets, retired military and spouses will have a more enhanced experience finding jobs through the Hire Heroes USA database. (Author abstract)