Understanding online millennial generation students' relationship perceptions with online academic advisors

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Southern New Hampshire University
This explanatory sequential mixed methods study aims to understand the relationship perceptions of online Millennial Generation students with their online academic advisors. The study asks the question: How do online Millennial Generation students perceive their relationships with online academic advisors? This study surveyed 715 participants and interviewed seven participants from the Millennial Generation to learn their relationship perceptions with their online academic advisors. There were two phases of this mixed methods approach: quantitative and qualitative. These phases created an overall interpretation for the study, which produced four themes and three major findings. The four themes were connectivity, empathy, awareness, and encouragement. The three major findings indicated that online academic advisors are the main support system for online Millennial Generation students, online Millennial Generation students are empathetic towards their academic advisors and peers, and online Millennial Generation students appreciate their connections with their online academic advisors. (Author abstract)