Financing the Worcester Committee on Homelessness and Housing, Inc.

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "Worcester, Massachusetts, the "Heart of the Commonwealth", has recently been described as the best kept secret in New England. A city of approxiamately 160,000 people, it remains in the shadow of Boston and is little known in its own light. Most of the people in Worcester seem to prefer it that way. Retaining much of a small town atmosphere in a medium sized city has many advantages. Politicians are easily accessible, networks are well known and unemployment is currently close to the lowest in New England. In spite of this, Worcester residents are currently experiencing a major crisis - a housing crisis. In July of 1983 a survey conducted by the Office of Planning and Community Development sparked community concern when it revealed a drastically low 1.5% vacancy rate in housing. Since that time fires, demolitions, condemnation of buildings, and the purchase of buildings by developers from Boston, Providence, Framingham and Worcester for speculation have added to an overall decrease in housing. The latest survey, in July of 1985, showed a vacancy rate of only 1%. Many argue that for low income people the vacancy rate is closer to 0%." (Library-derived description)