Assessment of community based animal health services project in Hanang District, Manyara Region

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Southern New Hampshire University
The researcher worked with a Community Based Organization known as CHAWAHA (Chama Cha Wamija Hanang), which operates in 18 villages of six wards in Hanang district Manyara region. Provision of effective veterinary services to livestock keepers and improvement of peoples livelihood especially in the project area was the main goal of this project The project aimed at reducing livestock death incidents through proper livestock keeping by ensuring availability and provision of vaccines and treatment to live stocks, advocating for proper animal husbandry (proportional of number of livestock kept and grazing area). The project also aimed at improving provision of animal health services system by establishing disease surveillance system and training of community based animal health workers who work as para-professionals. Through observation and focused group discussions the researcher was able to get detailed results on the status of livestock keeping in the district especially on vaccination and treatment. Despite the fact that there is large number of livestock in the district which is a major source of income, extension services to provide knowledge and skill on proper livestock keeping to farmers is inadequate. Hence it is difficult to have enough professional extension workers CBAHW is recommended to be an optional, so there is a need to formalize the system, to empower them by building their capacities and also to reform policies which hinder community based animal heath care. (Author abstract)