South Sudan community garden project : Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

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Southern New Hampshire University
The South Sudan Community garden project is a program designed for the South Sudanese refugees between ages 24 to 44 years old living in New Hampshire. The purpose of this project is to provide Sudanese refugees with gardening-related skills and resources ownership that will enable them to advance closer to self-employment and personal goals to give them an opportunity to become active participants in the social, political and economic richness of American life. The main purpose is to empower south Sudanese refugees with the ownership that they need to gain self employment and better economic opportunities in order to tackle poverty by increasing their household income. This project is implemented in partnership with the International Institute of New Hampshire (IINH) and South Sudanese Community Center (SSCC) at Manchester, NH, for an initial period of seven months. The mission of both (IINH) and (SSCC) is to provide the resources, land, and tools, access to trades in order to become economically self-sufficient. The International Institute NH's Agriculture has long history of helping refugees in farming. Based on their broad experiences in this field, the project benefitted from their partnership and support to the participants. (Author abstract)