Cohesion and sport teams success

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Southern New Hampshire University
Cohesion can play multiple roles on a sports team allowing them to either flourish or fail during their season. The purpose of this research is to discuss how cohesion and conformity lead to a team’s success and/or failure. By understanding cohesion, a sports team can become successful in their present and future endeavors. There are two types of cohesion, task and social; when each are used together it can help a sports team achieve success. Cohesion can promote conformity among sport teams. There are negative aspects of conformity such as groupthink that can inhibit a sports team’s future success. Conformity can also have positive aspects such as teamthink. Teamthink is important because it can enhance a sports team effectiveness and performance. There are helping and hindering forces of cohesion that can propel a sports team forward or hold them back. Cohesion of a sports team is effective when all aspects of task cohesion, social cohesion, and teamthink are involved. Negative consequences occur when aspects of cohesion and conformity are out of balance. (Author abstract)