Lane Road

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Graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1987, in her intimate paintings, Anne Dufresne searches for those elusive magical moments between evening and dawn, twilight and night. Her Recurring minimalist landscapes and forest edges, silhouetted against sky and water, recalls northern New England’s half-remembered byway vistas. The Mystery in the darkness and the potential in the delicacy of the light imbues the works with a nostalgic longing for those fleeting, tranquil moments between coming and going. The artist’s technique is crucial in creating her enigmatic atmospheres. She suggests nocturnal visions by simplifying her compositions and hues, and my emphasizing darker, connected shapes. The darks are not black, however, but layers of deep rich color. By rubbing many thin washes of paint into her panel’s gessoed surfaces, the artist creates the illusion of depth and space. The color fields are modulated with subtle tonalities, and, despite their panel substrate, they appear with woven with layers of horizontal and vertical strokes.