Catchment afforestation project for protection of Chereche rainwater dam in Chereche Village in Tarime District, Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project was undertaken to enable increase in income of 150 CBO members in 41 households in Chereche village while sustaining the existence of Chereche rainwater dam in Tarime District, Mara Region, Tanzania. The project goal was to establish a multipurpose tree belt along the upper edges of the dam catchment area that would decrease the impact of soil erosion and the dam siltation. Enough water in the dam will sustain paddy production and thus household food and financial income security. Project activities on the catchment area that would contribute towards increase in income were sales of tree produce and products, and tree seedlings. Resultant activities were fish sales from the conserved dam, and increased livestock production through use of planted or conserved fodder and pasture. A survey was done to study the situation of tree planting activities by members. The findings were that middle aged and old male headed households grew more trees per year in their farms due to cultural traditions, and were ready to implement extension services offered by extension officers. Young generation preferred quick money activities like petty business and fishing than farming activities. However, they planted trees forcefully in the project area as a condition to retain their paddy farms. This project contributed to the members' food and financial security, institutional strengthening to both the CBO and village government and triggered the spirit of environment protection to the whole village. (Author abstract)