Class Project : Leclaire/Hearst Park expansion Chicago, Illinois

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "This project consists of a four year effort to acquire funding to promote facilitation/expansion of the Leclaire/Hearst Park Community Center. This park is located on the far Southwest side of Chicago near Midway Airport. The community is the Leclaire/Hearst Community which is a low to moderate income minority community, consisting of residents in Leclaire Courts public housing development and private homeowners referred to as the Hearst Community. The expansion of the park consists of two phases. Phase I consists of increasing the land space (1.73) acres by incorporating 3 vacant lots directly across the street from the current park facility. The community is responsible for monitoring all activities of the land acquisition through to and including ground breaking. Phase II consists of acquiring funds to build an expanded park building facility. The new facility will include a swimming pool, exercise weight room, computer room, and multi-purpose gym. The multi-purpose gym will allow for a theatre, roller rink, and removable boxing ring. A small reference library (the community has no library in the immediate area); a computer room, and a community room are also planned. The goals of the project were to: 1. Follow-up on Phase I activities. 2. Provide Community Input to construction planning concept. 3. Review Bidders List for contract construction 4. Examine "Blue Prints" and construction specifications. 5. Facilitate Ground Breaking. 6. Begin Phase II Activities - New Building Construction Concepts and locate potential funders (On-Going). All goals have been met with the exception of one. Due to Chicago Park District (CPD) placing a "FREEZE" on all construction projects, we experienced a set-back in ground breaking activities. However, a new ground breaking date is tentatively scheduled for June, 1994. As of January, 1994, we may need to repeat our steps or project goals due to the CPD freeze. In short, we will repeat our project goals listed above, once again, in 1994. However, the community learned patience and determination. We will see this project through completion and "Keep Our Eyes On The Prize"! This project has been a truly rewarding experience for me as well as residents in the community. The efforts put forth in this project will be replicated in other areas to address community issues such as: economic development, job creation, social/human services planning, educational/vocational job training assistance, etc." (Library-derived description)