Proposal for a green roof

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Southern New Hampshire University
This paper proposes the installation of a green roof system on the new residence halls to be constructed on the Southern New Hampshire University Manchester campus. Green roofs have been shown to benefit sustainable initiatives by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere both onsite and offsite, mitigating storm water runoff volume and pollutants, lessening airborne and noise pollutants, and creating wildlife corridors. Economically, the long-term savings they promote quickly offset the initial short-term costs that come from installation of green roofs. Green roofs are projected to have double the service life of traditional roofs, and lower electricity costs substantially by insulating and cooling buildings, thus reducing energy loads. Based on these effects--in addition to engendering positive publicity, increased recruitment, and possibilities for local agriculture--this study recommends strongly considering the inclusion of an intensive green roof system on the new residence halls. (Author abstract)