Elementary School Choice Through the Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Families’ Perspectives on Well-Being in School

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Southern New Hampshire University
As the pandemic drove a focus on education, many families had to choose alternative education models for their child. Families suddenly had a pressing need to evaluate the best schooling situation for their child (Gouëdard & Pont, 2020, Eggleston & Fields, 2021, Hynes, 2020, Hill et al., 2020, Hall-Mills, 2020). In education there are pendulum swings of focus and often an evaluation about how children are educated and why the particular methods are being used (Weisberg, 2014 and Hess, 2022). This study focused on how families made their decisions in regard to the education of their children, and well-being as an aspect of that decision as well as how they experienced their school choice and what impact do they see on their child’s well-being. Through looking at the experiences of families who made the choice for alternative education models, this study examined the family’s desires in education, what pieces of school philosophy they feel impact their child’s well-being needs, and what aspects of well- being they feel should belong in the school’s climate.