The influence of social media on the Hilton brand

DeYeso, Kassandra L.
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Southern New Hampshire University
Social media is a collection of social networking platforms where people can connect, share and express themselves. These applications can easily be used in marketing campaigns by hospitality businesses. Social media is a marketing strategy that allows brands to set themselves apart from the competition based on the content that they post and share. Each social media application has strengths and weaknesses, which is why it is beneficial for companies to use a multi-platform marketing strategy to convey different content, but the same message. These platforms can be especially useful for the hospitality industry whose main focus is to sell an experience, quality service and lodging. The Hilton Company is comprised of many brands that each offer unique amenities. Accommodations can be a large portion of a travel budget for many people, so it is crucial for the guest to understand all of the benefits and features of their selected hotel. This paper will examine five popular social media platforms and how Hilton is using brand specific accounts to attract guests and how effectively the social media apps are being used. The effectiveness will be determined by monitoring the types of posts and engagement on each brand-specific page on each of the five platforms previously discussed. The paper will conclude in a comparison between the three Hilton brands to see which brand is most effective at using social media to create engagement, build brand value and create sales. (Author abstract)