Banned books ban the future

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project examines book banning and curriculum decisions and the effects that both have on students. Book banning has existed since before the formation of the current education system as well as far before the current status of democracy and free speech. By studying its history, and its existence in today’s culture, the research provides insight into the ways in which it influences every English classroom for both educators and students alike. The project delves into book banning in the public library system as well as the library system contained within the schools in order to provide a view of the issue in all of its forms. The research discusses the negative effect that book banning and a narrow English curriculum can have on students in a modern society. Incorporating recent research based on book banning, the project focuses on the ways in which it is affecting and hindering free speech, access to information, and the formation of a generation. Using information at a regional level and a national level, as well as an international level, the research highlights the consequences that are faced due to book banning all around the world. This project seeks to rectify a wrong that is being done to today’s students and to help stop it from being perpetuated on the students of tomorrow. (Author abstract)