20th century Germany novel

Beebe, Eric
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Southern New Hampshire University
I plan to research the various dimensions of life in Germany during the early 20th century, primarily during the times of the Weimar Republic and World War II. My research will pertain to—but not be confined to—developments in art and culture and the workings of the Nazi party. By its completion my research will be suitable to construct a believable piece of historical fiction. After compiling the sufficient amount of notes and information about life in Germany during the aforementioned period, I will begin to write a novel taking place in that setting. The story will be narrated following two alternating perspectives: that of a German artist who turns to Nazism in a time of doubt and desperation, as well as that of a Jewish journalist enamored with the cultural developments stirred by Modernism. The story will follow the two protagonists from the years of the Weimar Republic through those of World War II, giving focus to both the social and political events of the time and the personal events of the characters’ lives. It will hit upon various points in each character’s life and the differences their standings in society allot them. It will be a fictional piece as to provide ample liberties to make the plot as captivating a story of its own as it will be a depiction of how the various happenings in Germany affected people’s lives at the time. My presentation of the project will consist of a summarized overview of my research methodology and findings, followed by a reading of select brief passages from the final product. The project will be as much of a test of storytelling as is it a conduit for research, and the final product will be considered as a draft to begin submitting for publication through the proper channels. (Author abstract)