Project report on fund raising proposal to finance the construction of a day care center by Fair World Foundation (FWF) Sengerema

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Southern New Hampshire University
A good number of community groups including CBOs have started feeling the presence and importance of CED Program in Tanzania. This has happened due to uniqueness of the training approaches of CED Program used for installing expertise to Tanzania academicians, development activists and community workers. The notable and unique approach by CED program is the way it translates theoretical skills into practice, and eventually be absorbed and internalized within Tanzanian communities. In ensuring that it is really happening, the policy of the CED program requires all students to cooperate with community based organizations and other development agents and use the skills and knowledge taught in class as means for tackling development obstacles with the community. The author was requested to work jointly with the CBO for the minimum time of 18 and eventually develop a project proposal for fund raising, in order to finance the construction of a day care center. Before concluding with the CBO on how to go about implementing this project, it was agreed (between CBO and the student consultant) on the need of the community members to be involved right from the beginning, so as to get their full potential in terms of participation, and their support in the whole process of project implementation To make this into practice, a survey was conducted that involved mostly, the parents who have their children enrolled at the existing day care center. The result of this survey implementation of this project. During feedback giving stage (to the entire community around the existing center) and that of resource need assessment, it was learnt that there was a gap of resources between the required and available ones. According to the prepared BOQ and cost estimates of the project, a total of Tshs 91,615,330/= was required for implementation of the project to a completion point. After the resource capacity assessment was done, it was found that the CBO and the community were only able to raise a total of Tshs 7,630,000/= and the gap was left to be Tshs 83,985,330/= In order to bridge this gap, it was decided that a project proposal be prepared in order to solicit funds from various financiers, either through loans or grants. For the purpose of smooth implementation, a work plan was designed to guide as a road map that will lead to an acquisition of a pre - School (a day care center) constructed at a new site, as the existing one was not sufficient as per community demand. The aim of this report is to compile the progress regarding the work plan implementation of the project designed between CBO (Fair World Foundation) and CED participant (Student-consultant) and the community concerned. (Author abstract)