Life expectancy by country

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Southern New Hampshire University
For this project, we questioned if it was possible to use regression analysis to predict the average life expectancy of a country’s citizen. The world is concerned about health due to poor air quality, inadequate sanitation, and lack of healthy drinking water. We used regression analysis to analyze these variables to see if they contributed to the overall life expectancy of a nation. We selected beneficial variables and eliminated variables that were ineffective. Although there are some variables that may seem to be effective, after checking residuals and correlations, we concluded which variables are useful. We chose a small sample size of twenty countries randomly in order to try to predict an accurate model for life expectancy of any country. The countries selected were Iraq, Oman, Tonga, Spain, Mongolia, Samoa, Qatar, Pap New Guinea, Lesotho, Mali, Bulgaria, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Micronesia, Mauritius, Suriname, Austria, and Sao Tome and Principe. With the research conducted, we will be able to show the inadequacies of nations that affect life expectancy, and how to increase the average life expectancy of their citizens. (Author abstract)