Online predators

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project explores how the emergence of social media negatively affects the youth of our nation by putting them at risk for many online dangers, most importantly online sexual predators. Children who use social media have no regard for online safety, which puts them at an increased risk for falling victim to an online predator. Additionally, parents, teachers and the general public lack knowledge on online safety that is needed to inform and protect our youth from online predators and many other online dangers, and this lack of knowledge is a crucial piece in preventing online predators from targeting children who carelessly use social media. Online predators use the grooming process to target and seduce their victims. Once a child falls victim, the perpetrator can easily convince them to have sexual relations that are both harmful and illegal. The public continues to do nothing to make children, parents and educators aware of the current threat online predators pose. This research project examines the legal aspect on the conviction of online predators, along with parental and public solutions to limit the amount of predators roaming the Internet. As a society it is our duty to protect the youth from such dangers. At age eleven kids should be out playing with their friends not being sexually and mentally abused by online predators. If society as a whole does not try to prevent this issue it is only going to become more of a threat as technology and social media progress. By having longer conviction time, more legal resources to track predators, increased public awareness and stricter parental involvement online predators can finally be stopped. (Author abstract)