Project proposal on poultry keeping : a case study of Rungwe - Ilolo Group

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Southern New Hampshire University
Rungwe Group that was established in 2001 is a community- based organization formed by 13 members, 7 men and 6 women. Out of 13 one is a government employee, the rest are self-employed and peasants. They are among the poorest Tanzanians. Their mission is help each other financially and socially in order to eradicate poverty so as to enable each other to live peacefully mentally and have a dignity. This research was carried out to assist members of the group to establish a poultry project that will generate income for the benefit of members of the group, their families and some vulnerable people living in Ilolo village. The research and analysis have shown that the government alone cannot succeed to reduce poverty to all Tanzanians. Povertt is increasing despite the efforts of the Government to reduce it. Extra efforts are needed from the people themselves. Among other things that I managed to facilitate members of the group was the writing of a project proposal about commercial layers (poultry). Estimated total initial cost was Tsh. 1,760,000.00. Thank God the Group has already managed to get Tsh. 1,700,000.00 and the poultry shed has been constructed. They expect to start with 250 layers. As per cash flow (Table 18) the project will have a balance of Tsh. 3,268,850.00 at the end of its life span. The profit will be used to reinvest into the project for phase two (Tsh. 1,624,425.00), dividends for members of the group (Tsh. 1,299,540.00) and for helping vulnerable people in Ilolo village (Tsh. 344,885.00). The end result of the project is to improve the livelihood of members of Rungwe Group, their families and the vulnerable people in Ilolo village. After working with the group my major recommendations are as follows: In order for poor people to reduce their poverty they should work in groups as it is easy to pool together their resources, time and to get resources outside the group. In this way they can get sufficient capital to start income generating projects. People who would wish to work in groups it is advisable that they should have a common goal, self-help spirit, tolerance and love to each other. Under such foundation the group will forge ahead. The government should encourage such groups through extension services, and cheap source of capital. (Author abstract)