The Garden Street Initiative

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The Garden Street Initiative was an attempt at partnering with The City of Lawrence, MA Community Development and one or two non-profit agencies (Lawrence Neighborhood Planning and Development Corporation and the Lawrence Minority Business Council) for the redevelopment of a severely neglected section of the 23rd poorest city in the United States. The approach was to first package a viable housing renovation project based on recommendations and opportunities made known to us by the city, and then take it to an established non-profit housing developer for support and incorporation into their immediate development plan. The Initiative was envisioned as a project under the umbrella and as a partner to the non-profit. The Initiative would have brought technical capacity and a package of assets to the non-profit development entity, while at the same time meeting possible program goals of the agency. The project was planned during a period when the Lawrence Neighborhood Planning and Development Corporation was being revitalized through city intervention. Concurrently, the city was carrying out planning for its comprehensive services plan (Consolidated Plan) as mandated by US HUD for entitlement communities. The agendas of principals in both these activities in many ways precluded the acceptance of the Initiative." (Library-derived description)