Organizational mindfulness in higher education information technology: a Delphi study

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study examined the opinion of higher education information technology professionals on organizational mindfulness and mindful organizing in aligning their department’s organizational goals with the broader college/university institutional mission. It used the Delphi methodology to question experts in the higher education information technology field on their opinion toward the near future of information technology in higher education and the place of information technology in the strategic and operational directions of the institution it supports. In particular, it asked about the place of organizational mindfulness and mindful organizing in aligning the mission of the information technology organization with the broader institutional mission. The study sought consensus on the research questions as determined by statistical analysis of survey answers. Once consensus was reached, both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data was done. The findings indicate that although information technology professionals’ knowledge of organizational mindfulness and mindful organizing is limited, as information technology services become more central to both operational and strategic missions of colleges/universities, they rate this tool highly as an avenue to more closely align the organizational mission with the institutional mission. (Author abstract)