Rock History Revamp

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Southern New Hampshire University
Overview: This nine-lesson unit is designed to be taught in a 7th or 8th Grade General Music class. While they were written to fill a 15-20 minute segment of class time, they could easily be extended to fit the needs of a different class. The content of these lessons is “Rock History,” starting in the 1800s and continuing till present day. While obviously not every band, artist, or movement can be covered in this short amount of time, an effort was made to include the most important cornerstones of the genre. For the format of the lessons, the first eight are informal “lectures,” where students are encouraged to answer questions and engage in thoughtful discussion. Additionally, each of the first eight lessons has a corresponding question worksheet, which the students are required to fill out during class time. These are the unit's main form of formative assessment. The summative assessment is delivered in lesson nine in the form of a game-show style trivia competition. In this lesson, students will compete in predetermined-teams to answer questions pertaining to each of the areas covered in the first eight lessons. Because of the lessons’ flexible nature, this document is not supposed to be a step-by-step guide of how to teach them. Rather, it will provide the main ideas behind each lesson, some strategies of how to deliver the content, and the different assessment tools being employed. Lastly, do not treat these lessons as individual entities, but as part of a larger whole. Take any opportunity to have students recall information from previous lessons to inform the current lesson. This is not only a great way of tying the material together, but also an opportunity to assess students’ knowledge.