Alternatives for community development, incorporated July 1982

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "Alternatives for Community Development, Incorporated (ACDI) is a Massachusetts for profit community development corporation established in July, 1982. ACDI was formulated as a joint venture between two non profits local agencies, Three Pyramids, Inc., Fitchburg, MA and Montachusett Opportunity Council (MOC), Leominster, MA. Three Pyramids is a minority social service agency which currently administers various government contracts, i.e., After School Program, Nutrition Program, Information and Referral Program, as well as providing other services to meet the social and economic needs of minorities and low income area persons. MOC is a community action agency which services Leominster, Fitchburg and other surrounding areas. It is easily the largest social service/advocacy program in the area, with a wide base of funding (most recently topping $10 million). The Partnership agreement between the two non-profits delineates stock ownerships to the Boards of Directors of the two agencies with 51% of its corporate stock being owned by Three Pyramids, and 49% being owned by Montachusett Opportunity Council. This mix of control allows ACDI to be a minority business enterprise, thus affording eligibility for a variety of contracts and benefits as a minority business. Conceptually the project was put together by the staff of both MOC and Three Pyramids, and neither board was involved until the package had been put together and specific authorization was required to proceed and formulate the new corporation. The two agencies believed that this partnership can exist because of the reservoir of trust that has been built over the past ten years. Three Pyramids Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Ford, has once served as the Vice-President of the MOC Board (previous to this formed relationship) and had several as a "loaned executive11 to MOC as Director of the Research and Development Unit (the fore-runner of the ACDI idea). Three Pyramids currently contracts with MOC to do fiscal management and consultation services. Dorothy Wms. Proctor currently is a member of the MOC Board of Directors, Chairperson of the Affirmative Action Committee, and a member of the Boards Personnel Committee. Both agencies believe that a common philosophy/ purpose exists and both have identified the need for alternative strategies for both as a self dependency module, not being totally dependent on government funding. The common goal between the two agencies, ACDI, is the economic development of the community as a group effort, thus alleviating duplication of efforts, and more efficiently and effectively managing available resources." (Library derived description)