Miami Gardens Head Start Center

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Southern New Hampshire University
Miami Gardens Head Start Center will be located in the newly chartered city of Miami-Gardens, Florida is a product of the Mount Hermon CDC. The program will provide quality early education for 40 children during the first year of operation. Head Start programs were designed specifically to serve the poor. It is a free program for families that meet poverty guidelines set by the Federal government. This program allows parents to sustain employment and manage household expenses more effectively without being concern with paying high cost child care fees. The Mount Hermon CDC, a 501(c)3 designated organization was dormant for several years. The Head Start will be one of the projects that returns the CDC to active service in the community. The project will be funded with federal, state and local government sources and possibly some private funding if needed. The project will be evaluated on the successful implementation of all components needed to open the center with full enrollment, staffing, supplies and equipment for the 2006-2007 academic year, which begins in August 2006. The implementation plan will be evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the plan, make conclusion of the project and give recommendations for future implementation methods. Further evaluations will be completed during the first year of operation. These evaluations will include a survey of parent participation, skill development levels of the children and how the new program has affected the community residents at large. (Author abstract)