Local resources mobilization for sustainability of local community development organizations, Arusha Municipal

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Southern New Hampshire University
The purpose of the study was to examine how local resources could be mobilized to support community development projects for sustainability. Chama Cha Wanawake Kupambana na Ukimwi Arusha (CHAWAKUA), which is a CBO, was taken as the case study for the project. The main objective of the project was to build capacity of the key staff and board members of the CBO through technical assistance on local resources mobilization. The specific objectives of the study were, first, to identify the availability and accessibility of local resources, and second, to widen the knowledge and improve the skills of the key staff and board members of CHAWAKUA on local resource mobilization strategies. It was found that CHAWAKUA, like many other CBOs in Tanzania, was facing a problem of inadequate financial resources. This problem is to be attributed mainly to limited skills and knowledge on resource mobilization that the key staff and board members of the organization have. The researcher recommends that the CBO finds its own direction and decrease dependency on external funding. With increased responsibility and decreased dependency on external funding, local resources will no longer be regarded as marginal to the CBO. Raising resources locally means that the CBO will have greater independence to continue with implementation of its own long-term programmes. This will enable the CBO to be self reliant, an important ingredient to development. (Author abstract)