Faith based Community Development Institute (an institute for faith-based practitioners)

dc.contributor.advisorChapple, Reginald
dc.contributor.authorBizer, Renee C.
dc.description.abstractThe Community Development Institute (CDI), is a faith-based organization designed to equip pastors and lay leaders in the development of business management and community development skills for better mission conceptualization, information management, strategic planning, program performance, and partnership building with business, government, and community. It also seeks to establish guideposts for theologically grounding the lives of individuals and the social and economic institutions that sustain them, and to facilitate access to leading thinkers and practitioners who are engaged in areas related to community and economic development. The educational instruction is focused on a set of case studies about faith-based institutions, corporations, and transformation of communities. Many of the cases illustrate how to attract resources for building effective for-profit and nonprofit institutions, as well as strengthening the economic and moral infrastructure of neighborhoods. The program includes a technical assistance component: lectures, seminars, forums, field visits, worship, and special events with recognized experts in a classroom setting. The program of study is divided into four modules: - Theology, Ethics, and Public Policy - Organizational Development and Management - Housing and Community Development - Finance and Economic Development The problem this project will address is the current gap between effectively running a faith-based organization and the current skill level of pastors and lay leaders. CDI will the vehicle to bridge this gap. Most clergy and lay leaders involved in rebuilding and revitalizing their neighborhoods recognize that during the past several years their responsibilities and the needs of their communities have become more complex. Changes in governmental policies and the national ethos, including diminished financial aid, have led to calls upon churches and faith-based organizations to create solutions to local social and economic problems. Therefore, faith-based community and economic development professionals must address issues related to jobs, housing, education, health, criminal justice, and social services. This more complex environment demands that clergy and lay leaders develop new approaches, greater expertise, and improved institutional operations. The Community Development Institute (CDI) addresses these challenges through a learning program for enhancing leadership and building the institutions needed to tackle emerging social and economic issues. This project will be implemented by the newly formed Community Development Institute, a 501 c(3) organization Planning began in May 2008; the implementation phase will begin July 1, 2008 and run for one year. (Author abstract)en_US
dc.description.bibliographicCitationBizer, R. C. (2008). Faith based Community Development Institute (an institute for faith-based practitioners). Retrieved from http://academicarchive.snhu.eduen_US
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dc.titleFaith based Community Development Institute (an institute for faith-based practitioners)en_US
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