Viability of beekeeping project as a means of income generation and environment conservation at Matipwili Village, Bagamoyo District

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Southern New Hampshire University
A research project was carried out in Matipwili village area in Bagamoyo District, Coast Region to assess the viability and implementation of beekeeping as a means of income generation and environment conservation. The project comprises of community needs assessment supplemented by socio-economic study and a project implementation. Data were collected using interviews, questionnaires, observation, and documentary search. The socio-economic study established that beekeeping project is viable and there was a need for capacity building to MEDEC a CBO engaged in beekeeping for income generation and environment conservation. The implementation of the beekeeping project aimed at training MEDEC members and sensitizing community on beekeeping, adopting beekeeping techniques using Longstroth hives and planting Melliferous trees for bee foraging. The project objectives attained includes planting 420 Melliferous trees, keeping 10 Longstroth hives, training of all MEDEC members; sensitizing and mobilizing community members for beekeeping and environment conservation. It was recommended further studies on the role of beekeeping in generating income for rural communities. (Author abstract)