Balanced housing in the Nashua (NH) region

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Southern New Hampshire University
The existence of a balanced supply of housing is vital to the economic and social health of a community. This includes the need for adequate and affordable housing for the local workforce and low- and moderate-income people of all ages. Presently, the lack of such a balanced housing stock in the Nashua region of southern New Hampshire (US) has reached the crisis stage. This situation is the result of nearly a decade of extremely rapidly rising housing costs that have not only made it virtually impossible for low-income households to enter the market but also have impacted many communities to the point where long-term residents are finding it difficult to remain. Another result is that affordable housing for the workforce is nearly nonexistent. There is universal agreement that the land-use ordinances and regulations are a significant factor in preventing the development of such housing. This project developed information that will allow interested individuals and community groups to help lay the groundwork for the development of affordable housing in the Nashua Region of southern New Hampshire (US). This is a community economic development project that consists primarily of policy development. The goals of the project have been to provide motivation and incentive for change, to provide necessary information to community members so they can address the issue locally, to develop an effective collaborative model and to facilitate subsequent activities toward balanced housing initiatives. (Author abstract)