Little People's Depot Preschool new facility development project

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Southern New Hampshire University
The purpose of this project was to develop an affordable facility for a local non-profit cooperative preschool (Little People's Depot) in the Town of New Boston, New Hampshire using green building techniques wherever possible. The school was informed that their previous location would not be available to them as of the end of the 2005/2006 school year. The plan was to offer the use of the new facility through a long-term lease. As the founding member and manager of River Road Co-Prop, LLC, I was fully funding the purchase and development of a facility for this project. The school was to solicit for donations and attempt to organize volunteer support throughout the duration of the project. The facility would be developed in conjunction with the school teachers and board members of the preschool to satisfy the needs of the school and its members. The project encompassed many activities that included the (1) procurement of a facility, (2) application for and approval of a property use change with the Planning Board, (3) designing and engineering the conversion and construction of the facility, (4) converting and constructing the existing facility for the use of the preschool, and (5) managing and maintaining the facility after it has been occupied by the school. The success of the project was measured by the satisfaction level of the board members, teachers, and members of the preschool and by the completion of the new facility in time for the next school year. The sustainability of the project was measured by our ability as property owners and managers to continue to offer an affordable facility to the preschool through a long-term lease agreement. (Author abstract)