The benefits of sport on young girls: Increasing female sport participation rate through effective marketing strategies for organized sport programs

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Southern New Hampshire University
health disorders found in teens” (Herren Wellness, 2019). Knowing this, it is important to recognize the correlation between young individuals’ health and sport participation. Throughout such a critical time in adolescence, young individuals need to adopt healthy habits and sports provide young athletes with just that, structure. Specifically, transitioning towards the young female population, it is known that, “By age 14, many girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys” (Women’s Sports Foundation, n.d.). This unsettling statistic represents the disinvolvement of young women in the world of sports, which then results in them losing the ability to reap the benefits of physical activity. To change this, there are various organizations nationwide which are established in hopes to increase young female participation within sport; however, these organizations may not be getting the recognition or participation rates in which they deserve. (Author abstract)