An economic stabilization program for Vermont Asbestos Group, Inc.

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The following report provides specific detail of my community economic development project. Since late summer 1982, I have been intimately involved in efforts to stabilize a major employer in northern Vermont: Vermont Asbestos Group, Inc. (VAG). Well known to the development community since its ill-fated experiment in partial worker-ownership, the company has fallen on hard time during the last two years, and still faces serious operational problems. My employer, the Economic Development Council of Northern Vermont, Inc. has contributed significant resources to an ongoing program aimed at the retention of the 175 jobs that VAG represents. Because of my direct and intense involvement in this effort, I chose to use VAG as my CED case study. A number of individuals and organizations provided assistance to this project, but Charles Carter of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association in St. Johnsbury should receive special acknowledgement for his tireless dedication to this cause. Throughout this paper, reference is made to the "Council," for it was with the support and guidance of my Board of Directors and Executive Committee that I was able to proceed with the project. For purposes of assessment, however, I have included exhibits that typify the type of assistance that I personally provided to VAG. The majority of the many plans, applications and reports were under my authorship." (Library-derived description)