Work and non-work adjustments of public sector expatriates

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Southern New Hampshire University
Research on public sector expatriates is not very common, despite their increasing numbers. This is lamentable, since our much more advanced knowledge about private sector expatriates may be less applicable to their public sector counterparts. To rectify this deficiency, U.S. Department of Defense administrators assigned to U.S. embassies worldwide were targeted for this study. Results indicated that, in contrast to recent studies of private sector expatriates, stress experienced by the respondents outside work may only have a limited cross-domain effect on the level of stress in the work place. Interaction adjustment had a positive association with work adjustment but general adjustment had no relationship with the adjustment to work. Additionally, the extent of self-efficacy of the public sector expatriates was not associated with work adjustment, neither directly or indirectly. Implications of these findings are discussed in detail.
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