The Green Thumb (Diptych)

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This diptych is part of a series by the artist titles Flowers for All of US. In Flowers for All of Us, Grossman explores the dynamics of familial relationships within the domestic sphere. Grossman structures the images in such a way that ordinary spaces expand into broad tableaus, and she allows spontaneous moments to occur within a framework of orchestrated poses. These events become a reflection of the way in which the social expectations governing family interactions are not always sufficient to describe the reality of family life. Unexpected vibrancy breaks through the subjects’ attempts at perfection. "Relationships are reinforced by physical connections and complicated by spatial separations, and within each scene, I call both time and space into question and each must be reevaluated. Situated at the intersection of the surreal and the mundane, Flowers for All of Us analyzes the friction between the way we plan to act and the moments in which we lose ourselves." More Information available on the Artist's Website
Suzi Grossman received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and her BA in English Literature from Tufts University in 2012. Her photographs explore family and group dynamics as well as living environments, often through the use of the multi-paneled image. She enjoys word play and creative data expression and once spent a year researching comic books. She is currently living and working in Boston, MA and is active in the city's emerging artist scene.